Rules of Conduct

Weapons, Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs: Southern Utah Academy of Healing Arts (SUAHA) has a zero tolerance policy with regard to weapons, illegal drugs, tobacco, and alcohol of any kind are not allowed at any time on school property. Use of tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco and nicotine vaporizers are prohibited on school grounds. Likewise, alcohol, illegal drugs and/or being under the influence of said substances is strictly prohibited in school grounds. Any violation of school policies may result in permanent dismissal from school.

Dress Code: Students are expected to dress comfortably in flexible clothing. Sweat pants or yoga pants and the school t-shirt are recommended. Sleeveless shirts, tank tops, low scooping V necks, are inappropriate. T-shirts should have at least a ¼ length sleeve and cover the midriff completely. Clean socks, bare feet, or indoor-only shoes are required. Nails should be trimmed short and long hair should be tied back. Students are asked to avoid strongly scented products such as perfumes, colognes, body sprays, deodorants and essential oils. A student arriving to class with inappropriate clothing, poor hygiene or strong scents may be asked to rectify the issue or not attend that class.

Hygiene: Students are expected to arrive to class in as fresh a state of bodily cleanliness as possible. Please be considerate of the fact that others will be touching you and may not want to handle a sweaty, dirty or odiferous body. Fresh breath is also highly appreciated therefore good dental hygiene is encouraged. Students are expected to wash their hands before a massage, after a massage, after using the restroom and after eating. Any items that come into contact with bare skin should be washed after massage work including sheets, pillow cases, towels and oil or lotion bottles. Students who arrive to class with poor hygiene may be asked to leave at the instructors’ discretion.

Classroom Conduct: Students shall behave in an appropriate manner for the classroom environment and in regards to the nature of the work at hand.

  • Cell phone and smart phone use is prohibited in the classroom. Phone calls and texts should be made during breaks and outside the school.
  • Do not interrupt or talk over an instructor or fellow student.
  • Please raise your hand and wait to be addressed to ask a question to make a comment.
  • No eating in the classroom.
  • Please observe the scheduled breaks; do not leave the classroom mid-lecture or demonstration if at all possible, emergency restroom breaks aside.
  • No sleeping during class.

Attendance Policy

Students are expected to arrive on time for class with proper materials. An overall attendance rate of at least 85% is required. Instructors may request your withdrawal from a course or program if absences or tardiness exceed 70%. Students who are unable to continue classes for medical reasons or severe personal problems will be required to take a leave of absence until they are able to return to class. Proper documentation will be required to substantiate a student’s withdrawal.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

For applicants who cancel enrollment or students who withdraw from enrollment a fair and equitable settlement will apply. The following policy will apply to all terminations for any reason, by either party, including student decision, course or program cancellation or school closure.

Any monies, except the non-refundable registration fee, due the applicant or students shall be refunded within 90 days of official cancellation or withdrawal. Official cancellation or withdrawal shall occur on the earlier of the dates that:

  • An applicant is not accepted by the school. The applicant shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid.
  • A student (or legal guardian) cancels his/her enrollment in writing within three business days of signing the enrollment agreement. The three-business-day cooling-off period, commencing with the day an enrollment agreement with the applicant is signed or an initial deposit or payment toward tuition and fees of the institution is made, until midnight of the third business day following such date or from the date that the student first visits the institution, whichever is later, shall be applicable and during this time the contract may be rescinded by the student and all money paid refunded.
  • A student cancels his/her enrollment after three business days of signing the contract but prior to submission by the student of any lesson materials or prior to receipt of course materials, whichever comes first, and effective upon deposit of a written statement of withdrawal for delivery by mail or other means, and the institution shall be entitled to retain the $100 registration fee.
  • A student notifies the institution of his/her withdrawal in writing.
  • A student on an approved leave of absence notifies the school that he/she will not be returning. The date of withdrawal shall be earlier of the date of expiration of the leave of absence or the date the student notifies the institution that the student will not be returning.
  • A student is expelled by the school. (Unofficial withdrawals will be determined by the institution by monitoring attendance at least every 30 days.)
  • In item 2,3,4 or 5, official cancellations or withdrawals, the cancellation date will be determined by the postmark on the written notification, or the date said notification is delivered to the school administrator or owner in person.

For students who enroll and begin classes but withdraw prior to course completion (after three business days of signing the contract), the following schedule of tuition earned by the school applies. All refunds are based on scheduled hours:

Percent of Scheduled Time
Enrolled to Total Course/Program
Total Tuition School Shall Receive/Retain
0.01% to 4.9%20%
5% to 9.9%30%
10% to 14.9%40%
15% to 24.9%45%
25% to 49.9%70%
50% and over100%

All refunds will be calculated based on the students last date of attendance. Any monies, except the registration fee, due a student who withdraws shall be refunded within 90 days of a determination that a student has withdrawn, whether officially or unofficially. In case of disabling illness or injury, death in the student’s immediate family or other documented mitigating circumstances, a reasonable and fair refund settlement will be made. If permanently closed or no longer offering instruction after a student has enrolled, the school will provide a pro rata refund of tuition to the student OR provide course completion through a pre-arranged teach out agreement with another institution. If the course is cancelled after students have enrolled and instruction has begun, the school shall provide a pro rata refund for all students transferring to another school based on the hours accepted by the receiving school OR provide completion of the course OR participate in a Teach-Out Agreement OR provide a full refund of all monies paid.

Students who withdraw or terminate prior to course completion are charged a cancellation or administrative fee of $150. This refund policy applies to tuition and fees charged in the enrollment agreement. Other miscellaneous charges the student may have incurred at the institution (EG: extra kit materials, books, products, unreturned school property, etc.) will be calculated separately at the time of the withdrawal. All fees are identified in the catalog and in this enrollment agreement.

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