About Southern Utah Academy of Healing Arts

Mission Statement

Our mission is to nurture and cultivate students by amplifying their best qualities and strengthening their weaknesses.


At Southern Utah Academy of Healing Arts, our philosophy is to teach the student how to look inside themselves to heal their physical, mental and emotional needs thereby giving them the ability to help others to do the same. Our students are mentored by professionals within their field of expertise. Our students receive individual and group instructions about ideas and techniques in and out of the classroom setting. The result of this philosophy gives the student a better understand of each client as a unique individual, thus allowing the student to evolve into an exceptional therapist.

Our Story

Southern Utah Academy of Healing Arts is also a Wellness Center and the Program Director is Tom Clift, LMT lead mentor and instructor. SUAHA is his vision for the future of massage therapy.
At SUAHA, we understand that the sum of a whole person is not just physical, nor is it relative to the exact needs of the moment. The whole person is a unique combination of physical, emotional, and mental aspects combined with experiences of the past, present and habits. To this end we found that there is a large gap in the Massage Therapy Profession, the medical aspect.
To truly effect long term healing in an individual the different aspects and training need to be cohesive and be able to work together with understanding rather than be a collection of individual modalities. Therefore, our academy focuses on therapies that help bridge the gap between doctors, chiropractors, physical therapist, and even dentists. We have created a curriculum encouraging in-depth training and understanding of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, injuries, common ailments, and compromised movement issues to help students gain a greater understanding of the needs within the medical community in order to help clients achieve optimal healing. Teaching students in-depth understanding that every part is connected together to create the whole and must be acknowledged for each individual.
At Southern Utah Academy of Healing Arts we strive to offer the best training in a wide variety of massage and alternative therapies by learning from qualified professionals who have a diversified legacy of experience and wisdom. Hippocrates said, “Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease and discomfort.”

Our Facility

The academy is located at 535 South Main Street in Cedar City Utah. The professional atmosphere and genuine nurturing allows people to feel comfortable and secure in their healing journey. Our therapy rooms are private and beautifully decorated. We provide tables and equipment in each of our rooms for our students to use. Our facility is not just a school, but is a fully functioning, professional complex that is home to a wide variety of currently working therapists.

The Profession

Massage therapists are in high demand within the medical community and Southern Utah Academy of Healing Arts will help prepare you for that demand as well as giving you a lead into other therapies and modalities. SUAHA will prepare you for the Mblex test in order to receive your licensing. Therapists have the added benefit of flexible hours, independence, and working in a wide variety of settings such as:
Wellness Centers
Clinics and Hospitals
Physician’s Offices
Chiropractic Offices
Sports Teams and Events
Spas and Resorts
Private Massage offices
Cruise ships
During your journey into the world of alternative therapies you will :
Learn medical based massage techniques in a wide variety of modalities.
Access the professional knowledge of experienced therapists in their fields of expertise
Experience the healing power of energy work, learning to clear the mind and body
Receive 850 hours of class time with hands on training and clinical experience
Learn business skills to market and run your own business
Experience the freedom of understanding Ethical Boundaries
For more information please visit www.amtamassage.org

Class Schedule

Classes are held Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 12:30 pm Classes are not held on the following holidays & others may be included:
New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King Day
President’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Utah Pioneer Day
Labor Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day