About our Massage Therapy School

Mission Statement

Our mission is to nurture and cultivate students by amplifying their best qualities and strengthening their weaknesses.


Our philosophy is to teach the student how to look inside themselves to heal their physical, mental and emotional needs. Each student will be mentored by teachers and professionals in their field. Students will be able to have one on one help with ideas and techniques in and out of the classroom. The result of this philosophy will then mold each student to better understand each client, thus making the student an exceptional massage therapist.

Our Story

The Healing Tree Massage School is also a wellness center that found a big gap in the massage therapy profession that needs to be filled. An up and coming part of massage therapy is medical massage. Most massage schools are focused on the spa industry. Our school focuses on medical massage to help fill the rising need. The medical industry has Chiropractors, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapists, and Doctors in need of massage therapists who understand how to complement their practice. Our curriculum has an in-depth training of Anatomy and Physiology, injuries, common surgeries, movement therapies to help students understand the needs of the medical community. Although we are medical based, we teach the student to look at the whole person. The whole person is not just the physical part, it includes the emotional and mental aspects to each individual. Teaching students what they need to know to be successful. These aspects are taught in-depth to help understand that every part is connected together and must be acknowledged as the whole individual. The students at The Healing Tree Massage school will be molded in this fashion by working with practicing massage therapists, trained by our Chiropractor on campus, and have other experienced therapists from the medical field. Our school will be one of the first to raise the quality and knowledge of students entering the world of massage. The Healing Tree Massage School offers the best training in massage therapy and is staffed with qualified, licensed teachers. The program director and instructor is Tom Clift, LMT.
At The Healing Tree Massage School you will:
 Learn a medical based massage technique from experienced, licensed massage therapist: such as deep tissue, trigger point therapy and more.
 Experience the healing power of energy work, where you will learn to free the body of emotional trauma and clear the mind.
 You will get 850 hours of classroom time, hands on massage training and clinical massage.
 Build your clientele while you are still learning and have that base to build from when you finish.
 Not only will you learn the techniques but you will also learn how to market and run your business.

Facilities Description

The school is located at 535 South Main Street, Cedar City, UT 84720. The Healing Tree has a professional atmosphere that leaves people feeling at home. Our massage rooms are private and beautifully decorated, each with their own theme. We provide the massage tables in each of our rooms for our students to use. You will have the benefit of learning from experienced teachers and mentors with lots of hands on training in our spacious classrooms. You will get experience in a real office setting, with Chiropractors and Massage Therapists currently practicing at The Healing Tree to help guide you through your studies.

The Massage Therapy Profession

The Healing Tree Massage School will prepare you for the massage therapy profession as well as the Mblex test you need to take to get licensed in Utah. Massage Therapists are in high demand, have the benefit of flexible hours, independence, and working in a variety of settings, such as:
 Massage Office
 Cruise Ships
 Spas and Resorts
 Sports Teams and Events
 Chiropractic offices
 Physician’s offices
 Hospitals and Wellness Centers
 Nursing Homes

For more information on Massage Therapy please visit www.amtamassage.org

Class Schedule

The classes will be held Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. We start classes on Monday January 22, 2018 and the 8 month program runs through September 31, 2018. The class time will be split into 2 semesters. Classes will not be held on the following holidays:
New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day and the Friday following
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day