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August 3, 2014
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September 3, 2014

Cold and Flu Season is upon us and many worry about catching the latest flu/influenza virus and wonder how they can “beef up” their immune systems for the winter. Our solution is two-fold:

1. Remove any interference in the body’s controlling mechanisms so the body’s responses are immediate and complete. This happens from Chiropractic Adjustments as we align the spine and remove interferences in the Central Nervous System, thus allowing the body to do naturally what needs to be done. (We should see you more often during the winter if you have tendencies to get sick.)

2. Build the body’s systems with food and plant source products that will enhance the immune function.   We have 2 products that we use in the winter to influence the immune system: Immuplex and Cataplex D.

Immuplex is a combination formula designed to increase immune system response. Because it affects multiple systems, it creates an overall immune response. It combines vitamins A,C,E, with B12, folic acid, zinc, copper, chromuim, iron, and selenium with thymus, liver, and spleen glandulars. By combining organic forms of these nutrients from food sources, IMMUPLEX impacts the entire body’s immune response.
Cataplex D is a balanced vitamin D with vitamin A and calcium added. Most people know we get vitamin D from the sun. The challenge for most of us is we get plenty of sun in the summer and not much in the winter. There is also a part of this process most of us do NOT understand. Vitamin D can only be made from the sun’s UV B rays (not UV A rays). UV B rays only happen when the sun is 50 degress above the horizon. This means for us in Cedar City, we have UV B rays from May thru September and we have NONE from October thru April. So NOW is the time to supplement this important vitamin. Vitamin D regulates thousands of human genes and in medical studies reduced the incidence of colds and flus by 70%. Vitamin D has been shown to have powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, It has also been proven to help with autistic children, prevent MS, and help with cardiovascular disease and diabetes. We know it plays a crucial role in calcium and phosphorus synthesis and bone health.
Make sure you and your family are protected NATURALLY this winter!

What about Flu Shots?
A 2006 sudy quoted in the Virology Journal stated “We found no evidence of reduction in influenza-related mortality in the last 15 years, despite the increase of influenza vaccination coverage from @ 10% to @ 60%.” (Doesn’t really work)
A 2007 study found 2,000 IU of vitamin D per day “abolished the seasonality of influenza.” (Feed the body, it knows what to do best)

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